Expat Mortgages


Prospero Mortgage Solutions regularly help UK expats from across the globe to purchase or refinance UK property for family use or commercial letting.

We are independent and whole of market so help you to get the best deal.

Lenders criteria change daily so please give us as much info as possible to enable us to recommend a lender and deal for you.

Before choosing a suitable expat mortgage it’s advisable to speak to an independent expat mortgage adviser who can understand your personal requirements before searching the whole expat mortgage market. Very often they will have access to products which consumers aren’t aware of and therefore can present a wider range of options for you.

Expat mortgages for non-UK residents

If you wish to buy a house in the UK and use it as your primary residence, some lenders will consider advancing up to 95% of the purchase price. Lending criteria and mortgage terms vary tremendously and different lenders will use their own policy to determine a maximum loan figure.

In addition to the offshore lenders, a number of UK based banks and building societies will now consider applications from British expatriates planning to purchase a home in the UK.

Expatriate lenders will use income multiples, affordability and employment status before offering mortgage terms. Some lenders have strict policies and rigid lending criteria whereas others are more flexible and consider individual circumstances before issuing a mortgage offer.

Unfortunately some lenders who initially accept applications from expats decline them later during the underwriting stage when strict lending criteria cannot be fully met.

Key factors which increase your chances of getting an expat mortgage

If you are an expat or non-UK resident, it is possible to successfully apply for a UK mortgage. Below is a brief list of factors which could increase your chances of successfully applying for an expat mortgage:

Credit history

While it is not essential that you have a UK credit history to apply for an expat mortgage, having a strong UK credit history can help when seeking the best rates and mortgage deals.

Keep some form of financial association in the UK

By maintaining some form of financial association in the UK, such as a credit card or a residential address (such as your parents home), you are likely to be able to apply for a wider range of mortgages. However, it is important to understand how this might affect your tax affairs. Before making any decisions about your best course of action, we recommend that you speak to an independent adviser who understands the intricacies of mortgage applications and also tax affairs of expats.

Request free expat mortgage consultation

If you are considering buying a property in the UK, or would like to release equity from a property you already own, request a free expat mortgage consultation and we will arrange for an independent adviser to contact you to discuss your options.

During your consultation the adviser will be able to look at your personal circumstances and be able to make a range of recommendations about your best course of action, and potentially be able to find an expat mortgage which you may be eligible for.